Arrived in Dublin about 8:00 am. Took a nap in our apartment for a couple of hours and hit the streets. With traffic driving on the left-side, jaywalking, I soon discovered, can be very tricky!

On our first full day of seeing the sights, we went to the National Museum, and spent several hours looking at the ancient, acheological history of man's-inhumanity-to-man Irish-style. Pretty awesome! Lots of skeletons of chaps who'd had their skulls caved-in by swords, rocks, spears, and (my personal favorite),maces! Then we had a nice dinner.

Thursday was my birthday so we celebrated by touring Kilmainham Gaol. Built in 1796, cruelty continued there until 1924 with more advanced architecture as the British quelled rebellion after rebellion of hapless Irish freedom-fighters. Later, we dined on fish and chips.

Hi, I'm looking forward to following your adventures! Happy Birthday Mac!

Julie Gehring

This is so cool!  Can't wait to watch your adventure unfold.

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