This Week in France



What an eventful week this has been.  Monday Morning Mac and I attended our French classes.  I joined a group of bilingual speakers who get together at 9:30 each Monday for lively discussion in French.  Given that most of them are British, I don't think this group will help my French much, so I will probably sleep in on upcoming Mondays.  Mac attended a beginner's beginner class and then we met at 10:30 for a French class taught by a French woman!! Hurray!  She's a good teacher and the class is a good review for me. 

Tuesday I attended my first Yoga class, in French! It's sort of cheating, because with my years and years of yoga practice I could probably follow along decently in any language.  Nonetheless, I am learning the names of body parts and hearing how words are put together correctly.  Amazing how helpful it is to hear how words are put together in a conext I already understand, i.e., yoga.  For you other yogis out there (hi Jill!), the teacher is perfect; serious about yoga, studied yoga in India, genuinely nice, and a very good instructor.

Wednesday was an errand day in Carcassonne, a bigger town about 18 miles away.  We bought small appliances like an electric toothbrush with proper wattage.  FYI, if you travel to a foreign country, don't assume that the converter plugs will work for everything.  Small appliances do not have the ability to make the switch, but things like computers do.  We searched for various odds and ends we need to satisfy our quirks.  It was like a treasure hunt, and fun to learn where to go, how to ask questions, and how to make the purchase.  They make it easy in Franc, because there is always someone to help you in a store and they are more than glad to spend time with you; not once did a clerk point and say, "They're over there,"  or, "Ils sont la."

And finally,  woo-hoo, our car was delivered to us on Thursday (yesterday) after the French bank took three days to process the money that was wired to them last week.  Get this: the "Directeur" of the dealership picked us up to give us a ride to Carcassonne (he lives in Limoux).  He speaks less English than Mac speaks French, so we both had a chance to practice our French during the ride.  While the delay by the bank was annoying, the process of buying a car without feeling cheated was simple was unique and appreciated.  We've been joy riding ever since.  There's a photo of the car in the image gallery, if you'd like to take a look.  Click on the photo if you'd like the details.

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