THree Days in Paris!



Paris, The City of Lights, romance, history, haute couture, Art, cuisine, and my favorite city in the world!  We arrived by train, and made contact with our Air B&B host.  He showed us our apartment, on the ground floor of a nice apartment building in the Trocadero neighborhood.  It was a studio apartment, newly refurbished with an adequate kitchen area, and decent bathroom.  Air B&B is an online organization of private individuals all over the world who have rooms to rent to the less-discerning traveller.  We've had pretty good luck with them, but one is never completely sure what one will end up with when one books online.  This one was clean, and everything worked fine.  Hard to beat for $70 a night in Paris.

Since we had visited Paris before, we decided to apportion our time carefully.  We spent six hours in Musee de Oursay.  We had only been there once before, and it is so massive, we hadn't seen everything.  It was remarkable!  Besides the largest collection of Impressionistic Art in the world, it houses extensive collections of art trends before and after Impressionism, as well as Art Nouveau decor, and a fantastic sculpture gallery.  

We travel throughout Paris using the Metro(subway) system.  It's not hard to figure out if one uses the maps.  Watch out for pickpockets though!  We had some guests from Denver in 2010 who were picked- clean of ca, credit cards, and passports by a pack of teen girls in the subway!

As always we dined at neighborhood restaurants, and walked and walked, and walked!  Visited Notre Dame, Saint Suplice, and the American Cathedral.   

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