Parting Shots/Departure Minus Two Days.


Driving north to Toulouse yesterday, a Friday morning, to sell our car, I had a strange moment.  It was a perfect spring day with blue skies, a few billowy white clouds and I was delighted to have found a buyer for the car at last.  The stereo tuned to an oldies station, played a sequence of American Rock ‘N Roll classics, and I cranked the volume a bit. 

Passed the turnoff to Fanjoux, one of my favorite, magical places.  Cruised up the two-lane at about sixty.  Gazed across the vista of rolling pastures, vineyards, ancient hilltop towns, and realized this view, my “neighborhood” for the past eight months was passing before me for the last time.  I would take the train back to Limoux, later.  It will be months, or years until I pass this way again.  What a joy this has been! 

I will miss this.  It has been here for centuries, and will be here when we return.  My eyes…it must’ve been the sunlight.  I felt something very strongly, either bliss or sadness, I am not sure which.  Maybe both.   

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