Our Adventure on the Left

Not only did our adventure with left-side driving bring on a lot of laughs, there were also considerable screams and more laughs after the fact, for even more terrifying than driving, is being in the passenger seat.  The thing I hadn't considered is that the non-UK-native driver tends to drive far to the left in order to get out of the way of oncoming traffic on the right, and so as a result, the passenger is carreening along helplessly at 40-75 miles per hour with parked cars, stone walls, curbs, foliage that's covering God knows what kind of wall, orange cones, and you name it, whooshing by, each time with full expectation of a head-on collision..the passenger's head, that is.  We each took a turn at driving and riding.  Each of us managed to turn the passenger side view mirror on its ear during a close call. It was a blast.

The real thrill, of course was the spectacular countyside and seeing the unexpected. We happened upon a ruin of a 12th century monestary that had several buildings still standing, absent roofs and a few walls.  It and its cemetary are now is part of a farm, sharing its grounds with the resident cows. "You can buy a book about the monestary at the house across the road," read the sign.  Further down the road, to my great regret, I failed to get a picture of a cow that was standing on a hill that rendered the cow perpendicular to the road (no kidding), with it's rear end about 4 feet above the pavement and its head a couple of feet above that  - this, right after the sign that read, "Caution, livestock in road."  I guess!

Our ultimate destination was the Cliffs of Moher.  You've probably seen photos of them, and of course the real thing is very grand.  We, like many others,  ventured past the "Private Property, Do Not Go Farther" sign in order to have a grassy spot for our picnic close to the edge of the cliffs, without the protective rock wall.  I pondered the question, "People of what nationality are least likely to break the rules and go past the sign"? The answer, I guessed, was "Americans."  As we picniced we heard French, Korean, German, Skandinavian, Spanish, British, but no American speakers.  As we were leaving, an American woman on "the side of the rules" eagerly looked toward the forbidden trail and anxiously asked us, "What can you see from there?"  I urged her to go there and find out.

Good luck on the left sided driving thing. The only thing that saved me with that nightmare was the hundreds of miles I've logged while running on the left side of the road facing oncoming traffic. You'll get used to it, eventually!

Love the website and look forward to hearing about the travels. Fall is beginning to settle in New England, with a few trees displaying striking red leaves. The real show begins in about another week or two. By then we will have had  two out of the five sets of house guests we expect over the next four weeks. I'm thinking Bed and Breakfast as a third or fourth career.

Best of luck on your adventures. Stay out of the museums and head to the nearest pub. You'll have five best new friends by the second pint. Caio!

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