Kinda Feelin' Lost....

OK.  So I don't understand much of what's going on around me, and I am not particularly fond of the rolr I am here to play, but it is damn fine scenery.  So,after my morning chores, I went for a walk up the other side of the valley.  I walked beyond the vacation homes, some genuine French farms, and to a Nordic ski area just a few kilometers away from the B&B.  It was amazing!  A few cars passed me, but otherwise, it was a lovely walk, communing with Nature, and simply filling my lungs with as-yet-unpolluted air.  Then, I returned home, and sat on the back porch watching children slide down a big hill, laughing and playing as children should.  Then I lit a fine Cuban cigar, and concluded maybe Life isn't quite so difficult after all. 

I'm planning to go downhill skiing with a woman who is a guest here tomorrow afternoon.  I'm a little anxious because she's  an avid skier who demonstrated excellent mountain skills on the hike the other day.  We'll see. 

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