It's About Time, Too!


Almost as soon as I finished my last blog, edited and posted it, I began to feel differently about leaving France.  I am excited about going home.  Can’t wait to rejoin my friends, family, neighbors, and all the characters I encounter on a daily basis in Denver.  I always begin my day, six hours ahead of Eastern, and eight ahead of Mountain Standard Time.  That means while I’m having coffee, and reading my email, the people who sent that mail are sound asleep, or just going to bed for the night. 

This morning, my first email message was from Sam who was responding to the news of Bin Laden’s unfortunate encounter with some American gunslingers.  I checked the online news and read the story.  In fact, I read several stories, delighting in the news, and empathizing with Americans celebrating this resolution to the case of the most-hated terrorist of them all.  I wanted to hear their voices, join in a chant, or wave a flag with the rest of them.  The rest of us. 

Other than French news, I haven’t had the opportunity to check in with any French people about their reaction.  I have spoken with a woman from Holland, named Angele who said she felt strange about being so happy about the death of a person.  The English, Welsh, and Scottish people I’ve talked with are as happy about it as I am and congratulate us on a job well-done! 

So, it seems, I am sliding back into the American mainstream, much more rapidly than I expected to do.  We haven’t left yet…two more weeks…so I’ll have to see what this means.  I’m not exactly ready for Taco Bell, but I’d consider a good pizza, American-style….


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