I think it's been at least a week since my last entry, so you may join my sister, Jan, in taking me to task for not writing.  Fact of the matter is, we have been in some small towns in France where Wi-FI is either not available or is not working at the time when I can use it.  

There.  Apology concludes?  I will catch up sometime soon.

At this point, we've finished our French touring, and are situated in a villa belonging to Alex and Georgina in the Costa Brava region of Spain.  We arrived today, and after a cigar on the patio overlooking a massive national forest with the blue Mediterranean Sea just down the hill, we ventured into Paloma's,  a resort town and port a few kilometers away.  We enjoyed tapas for dinner at a couple of great tapas bars.

Earlier in the day, by train and rental car we made our way from Limoux, France to?????????? Where we toured two archeological digs.  The first was a Greek village dating to the second century BC.  Artifacts there were dated to the sixth century BC.  This brought to mind a question: how did civilizations keep track to years before Christ?  I mean, in the year we refer to as 245 BC what year was it to them? Just wondering.

Next we walked through a Roman ruins dating to the first century BC.  Both were amazing.  They had been discovered in 1901 .  

Then we had a frightening lunch.  Tasty, but terrifying.  Perhaps that tale will be told another time.

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