Early Winter in France

We've heard from a number of friends and family, wondering if we were hit with the massive snowstorms that hit Europe recently, or wondering if the weather is getting rough here in Limoux.  Nope.  The much publicized storms hit northern Europe, i.e., the British Isles and northern France.  We dodged the storms in Paris when we were there recently; I've often said I bring sunshine wherever I go:-).  We saw our first flurries in Limoux yesterday morning, but nothing on the ground.

This may sound boring to you, but I am easily entertained, and so I keep weather reports for various parts of the world on my home page to check and compare when I get online daily.  I have Limoux, Denver, Syracuse, Paris, and a couple of other spots in Europe on there. Of the cities listed, the weather in Limoux is most similar to Denver, it seems.  We get about the same amount of sunshine (one reason we chose Limoux), wind at times, and it hasn't been terribly cold yet.  Nonetheless, it can be somewhat like Syracuse, too, because of the dampness.  When the thermometer dips and there is no sun, it feels colder than it would in Denver at the same temperature.  Limoux is like Paris only because they both are French; this applies to the weather as well as almost anything else. This fall and early winter, Limoux has been 10-20 degrees warmer than Paris pretty consistently. 

Rainy and 42 degrees today.  I stayed in and we're going to have chicken soup for dinner.  The prediction for tomorrow?  Sunny, upper 40's, then into the 50's Sunday and next week...woohoo!

Another topic. I added a bunch of pictures to the Pompeii photo gallery today, so take a look if your interested.

The weather here in the "cuse has been lovely. We just broke the record for the snowiest Dec. ever! So far over 70" and counting.

Paul, still no snow here.  I'd urge you to visit but am afraid you would bring your snow with you.  We saw an article in Sunday's New York Times about the snow in Syracuse and how Syracusans handle it.  I used to share the same sense of pride at my ability to tough it through winter there.  Couldn't do it now.  My condolences.

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