Today, Signe and I took part in two activities in an effort to start doing it the French way.  Go ahead, yuck it up, you dirty-minded voyeurs!  Anyway, since it was Saturday, we attended a gathering of clubs, groups, and organizations operating inLimoux.  Most of them had to do with learning new things, meeting people, and doing things with other members of the community.  Some seventy organizations were represented in one gymnasium.  Remember, there are only 10,000 people in this town.  Everyone was there!  A couple of dance groups, a theatrical troupe, cinema-lovers, environmentalists, and a wide range of people and opportunities, letting people find out more about them, how to make contact and so forth.  So far, I'm taking Tai Chi, Conversational French, table tennis, and am a member of the gym.  Signe also enrolled us with a group of foreigners new to the area, and staying awhile.  We even met the mayor and the Regional President, as they passed through the crowd shaking hands.  It's amazing to see how the people in this tiny town refuse to be isolated, and sit around being bored! 

Later we drove down to Narbonne, a beautiful city on the Mediterranean.  I attended a meeting with 2 people who spoke French, and a woman who'd emmigrated from Ireland, and translated for us.  That was all of us in the meeting.  I exchanged phone numbers with people, and as promised, a Brit called me this evening offering to carpool to some other meetings.  They're not close, nor convenient, but at least they do, in fact exist.  I'm trying an English-speaking group on Wednesday. 

We drove back to Limoux on a back road that wound through the foothills of the Pyrennes, past the vinyards that cover the hills, and the ancient towns and chateaux that have stood for centuries.  The autumn sun was low in the sky as dusk descended ending  another wonderful day of adventure and discovery.

Wow, you two aren't wasting any time jumping right in!! Good for you! I'll be eager to hear more as your classes and meetings progress thru the year. Donna

Donna and Orvin

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