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Sharon's House Wash Park West 80209
United States

Lesson # one, and we haven't even left the USA: We have w-a-a-y too much stuff. Our tenants moved into our High Street home on Sunday and we've moved to Sharon's house, across Wash Park, a mere half mile as the crow flies. We've brought our 150 pounds of Europe-bound luggage to Mac's brother's house to stow until we can re-group and re-check. I'm a pretty good packer, but this is a daunting task. We need clothing for 3 seasons and want to bring a minimum of things. In spite of my good intentions, I can't imagine nearly a year spent with one black of each item of clothing and beaucoup accessories. We'll figure that out later.

Back to Sharon's - we arrived with 3 shopping bags and 2 boxes filled with last minute or-we-don't-know-what-to-do-with stuff, 2 suitcases, 2 canvas totes, 1 plastic storage basket of toiletries, 1 loose pair of hiking boots, 2 loose pairs of sneakers,4 or 5 loose pairs of my shoes, a laptop, an Ipad, 2 bags of food, 3 boxes of food, a cooler filled with food, at least 7 paperbacks, and the Sunday NY Times. Keep in mind, at least half of the food items are condiments that I am determined not to waste. These things will be consumed, or, if we are staying at your house soon, choose your condiment because you will help us eat this stuff and/or will probably find a surprise bottle of something in your fridge when we leave.

We decided to put everything that is a non-food item in the middle of Sharon's lovely living room, thereby giving ourselves no choice but to whittle things down one way or another over each of the four days we reside there. Good thing Sharon wasn't home to witness this:-)) Stay tuned.

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