A Social Whirl



The past 10 days have kept us very busy.  Our landlords, Jonathan and Angele, sing in a local vocal and instrumental group called Odysseus.  They have about 42 performances a year and invited us to attend the last one of the season on Saturday night, the 23rd.   “Marie Stuart,” was the story of the woman we know as Mary, Queen of Scots; this time her story told by renaissance music and in French. 

More Old Stuff. Not The Same Old Stuff. New Old Stuff!

In the past twenty or so years, I have come to admire old things.  That’s why I find France endlessly amazing.  Our first stop today was a visit to a hilltop chateau in Foix.  It began as an abbey in the 10th century.  The abbey had

Where to Begin?


Grotte de Niaux, Niaux

This is a tough thing to write about, because the experience was so emotionally moving.  We visited one of the hundreds caves in France that have been found to contain prehistoric art.  The Grotte de Niaux is located not quite an hour and a half from our home, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, but going there took me not only to another time in history, but to another world.  Mac and I are both writing about this, so please bear with us as we each are compelled to try to explain.

A View from Limoux

As a daily reader of The New York Times, online, and a BBC News viewer, I know the international press is telling pretty dramatic tales of The Strike in France.  It is going on, somewhere, I think, but from here in little Limoux, it doesn’t seem quite as dramatic. 

Action/Adventure in Spain


Tossa de Mar

I heard about a conference of English-speaking people in Tossa de Mar on Wednesday.  I checked it out online that evening, and the rates for conference attendees was so low I couldn't resist.  I booked an overnight with a simple phone call, and arose the next morning excited about a new adventure.  Signe declined to come with me because of the long drive, so I Googled directions, copied them, and took off.

Climbing a Stairway to Heaven


Cordes Sur Ciel 81170

Early last Friday we set off on our first overnight adventure to 3 towns I'd been looking forward to seeing.  With a grey sky and predictions of rain, I was intent on being positive and channeling good weather.  It worked! 

A Nearly Wet Dream

At about 5:30 this morning, Signe awakened me from a pleasant dream to announce, “the river’s going to overflow, we need to get out of here”.  Grabbing my pants, shoes and cigars, I swore a couple of times and looked out the window.  She was right, or at least partly right.  The river had risen a great deal in a storm that had

Zee French 'aircut


Garcons et Filles Hair Salon Limoux 11300

Some things require careful preparation.  Badly needing a haircut and determined to get a good one, I began my research on Limo

A Day in Limoux

A friend Skyped with us last night.  She's the same generation as us, and so, as delighted and amazed as we are by every new wonder the Computer Age provides.   "Gee Ma, they say this here microwave kin cook vittles without no fire, atall!"

After a few  minutes of giggling like 5year-olds at the wonder of seeing and hearing each other, we began answering her questions about Life here, our travels, our apartment, town, etc.

Sunday Hikers Pause in Twilight Zone



We decided to go into the hills for a hike last Sunday.  It was a perfect day!  It was sunny with temperatures in the mid 70s.  A slight breeze refreshed us as we climbed a steep hill outside Esperaza.  There were vineyards on each side of the trail and we passed small stone buildings that looked like no one had used them in a long time.  Down and across the valley we gazed at rolling hills harvested fields, and the ubiquitous vineyards.  Eventually we lost the trail, and simply headed down in the general direction of the town of Esperaza. 

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