Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain


Guggenheim Bilbao Bilbao

What a month December 2010 was!  After our whirlwind trip to Denver and Paris and a one week recovery from jet lag, we hit the road again on the 20th, this time headed northwest, across Southern France along the Pyrenees, to the Guggenheim Art Museum in Bilbao, Spain.  We stayed in San Sebastian, just over 5 hours from our home Limoux and about one hour from Bilbao, on the shore of the Ba

Intrepid Hikers Cheat Death Again


Trail Alet-sur- Bains

Trying to shake ourselves out of post Christmas-lethargy, the combined result of too much rich food, (is there really such a thing?), and too much hibernating indoors, Signe and I went hiking each of the past two days.  The first was a trail on which we got lost  when we first started hiking here.  This time, we managed to lose the trail a

Big-time Faux Pas

Ok, so Signe and I were seeking refuge in a swanky Salon de The in the upscale area of Paris known as St. Germaine de Pres.  Lovely décor, comfortable upholstered chairs and settees, perfect quiet ambiance. 

Early Winter in France

We've heard from a number of friends and family, wondering if we were hit with the massive snowstorms that hit Europe recently, or wondering if the weather is getting rough here in Limoux.  Nope.  The much publicized storms hit northern Europe, i.e., the British Isles and northern France.  We dodged the storms in Paris when we were there recently; I've often said I bring sunshine wherever I go:-).  We saw our first flurries in Limoux yesterday morning, but nothing on the ground.

Culture Shock


OK, There's A Downside, Too...


Our Mediterranean Cruise



We returned to our apartment in Limoux on Sunday after a seven day Western Mediterranean cruise, part of my plan to see more of Italy than we had seen on a trip there several years ago, and to see other cities we might otherwise not visit.  The ports included Monte Carlo, Monaco, and Palma de Majorca, Spain as well as Livonia (Pisa), Civitavecchia (Rome), and Naples (Pompeii), Italy, with a start and end in Barcelona.  Just 4 hours on the train from Barcelona brou

Winter Spring Summer Fall


Limoux 11300

Today was a day of days, gloriously perfect, and the most remarkable thing was there is evidence all around us of all four seasons, all at once.  Please look at the photo gallery named Winter Spring Summer Fall to see for yourself.

Several walks in the sunshine, pictures taken of all four seasons on this one day, a Skype with Mara and Shane, and a community festival this evening to celebrate this year's new wine.  And, a new pair of shoes.  Life is so very good.

Dealin' With The Man In Avignon

On a recent visit to this famous walled-city, Signe and I became hopelessly lost in a maze of skinny, winding one-way streets while trying to find our hotel.  Adding to the fun, Tom and Barbara Walls were crammed into the backseat of our Opel Astra straddling suitcases, and travel bags.  Uncomfortable, and making the best of it, they offered suggestions to try to help me.  I was driving.  Signe was blaming herself for the entire mess.  oh yeah, it was pouring rain, and the defroster only worked with a deafening blast of hot air. 

Another Holiday!

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