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Our Adventure on the Left

Not only did our adventure with left-side driving bring on a lot of laughs, there were also considerable screams and more laughs after the fact, for even more terrifying than driving, is being in the passenger seat.  The thing I hadn't considered is that the non-UK-native driver tends to drive far to the left in order to get out of the way of oncoming traffic on the right, and so as a result, the passenger is carreening along helplessly at 40-75 miles per hour with parked cars, stone walls, curbs, foliage that's covering God knows what kind of wall, orange cones, and you name it,

On the Road


Aspen, CO
United States

We vagabonds have traveled considerable miles and stayed in three homes of family and dear friends since my last post. Lucky Lisa was in Maine when we descended on her Denver home. Our sincere thanks to Lisa's husband,Glenn, for so graciously sharing their and home and putting up with all our stuff that we kept in the living room. By the time we left, we were down to 2 boxes of food, 2 suitcases, one basket of dirty clothes, an ice chest full of cold food, a small box of books, several electronic items, and the vexing storage basket full of toiletries.

The adventure begins


Sharon's House Wash Park West 80209
United States

Lesson # one, and we haven't even left the USA: We have w-a-a-y too much stuff. Our tenants moved into our High Street home on Sunday and we've moved to Sharon's house, across Wash Park, a mere half mile as the crow flies. We've brought our 150 pounds of Europe-bound luggage to Mac's brother's house to stow until we can re-group and re-check. I'm a pretty good packer, but this is a daunting task. We need clothing for 3 seasons and want to bring a minimum of things.

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