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Hello fellow English speakers, mes amis, you lucky residents of Limoux and surrounding towns,

I've thought of you and your lovely paradise in France daily since Mac and I returned to the US nearly two weeks ago.  Missing you, and Limoux, yet somehow oddly happy to be home.  It's a strange adjustment.

We returned to find our house and its furnishings in good repair and sparkling clean, and it felt good to open the door and be here upon arrival at 10:30 pm on the 16th (that's 4:30 a.m. on the 17th, Limoux time).

Limoux, je t'aime.

Tomorrow we leave.  I feel a lump rise in my throat and tears in my eyes, just at writing that first sentence. 

Where's Waldo? In Marrakech! Or, Better Late than Never.

As fate would have it, my blog on Marrakech finally organized itself in my head literally just a day or two before the bombing.  So, now what to do?  I’ve decided to go with my original idea and will add the question at the end that will become obvious as you read.

This Girl's Dream

I'm not sure why I haven't written in the past month.  In that time I've seen beautiful Cadaques Spain, the house where Salvador Dali lived, and Collioure France on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Signe's Take on the School of Hard Knocks


Villard de Lans

Day 5, and each day is better than the day before here at the French B&B, La Villa Primerose, in Villard de Lans in the French Alps.  This part of our experience has its downsides.  But, it's all a matter of my state of mind and attitude.  At my age (MYOB) it is difficult to be told daily that my French is lousy and will probably always be so.  And I admit, it's not much fun to lower myself to the role of dishwasher, table setter, and

Looking for Johnny Depp: More Adventures in the Wilds of France


Chateau de Queribus

So, those of you who know me best understand about the search for Johnny Depp.  I confess; that’s the real reason I’m here.  But it’s not entirely selfish.  It’s for Ronnie and Erin, Mary and Trish and Jan, Lisa and Kristi, Julie, Jill, Ann, my French class, and even my Mom.  And, the rest of you.

Bonne Fetes and Bonne Annee!


Limoux 11300

The holiday fun continues here in France long after the rest of the world has settled into the New Year hum drum without much fanfare.  And while there is certainly the hum drum here, there's still an aire of celebration.  Before I tell you what's happening now, let me tell you what happened about six weeks ago. 

Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain


Guggenheim Bilbao Bilbao

What a month December 2010 was!  After our whirlwind trip to Denver and Paris and a one week recovery from jet lag, we hit the road again on the 20th, this time headed northwest, across Southern France along the Pyrenees, to the Guggenheim Art Museum in Bilbao, Spain.  We stayed in San Sebastian, just over 5 hours from our home Limoux and about one hour from Bilbao, on the shore of the Ba

Early Winter in France

We've heard from a number of friends and family, wondering if we were hit with the massive snowstorms that hit Europe recently, or wondering if the weather is getting rough here in Limoux.  Nope.  The much publicized storms hit northern Europe, i.e., the British Isles and northern France.  We dodged the storms in Paris when we were there recently; I've often said I bring sunshine wherever I go:-).  We saw our first flurries in Limoux yesterday morning, but nothing on the ground.

Our Mediterranean Cruise



We returned to our apartment in Limoux on Sunday after a seven day Western Mediterranean cruise, part of my plan to see more of Italy than we had seen on a trip there several years ago, and to see other cities we might otherwise not visit.  The ports included Monte Carlo, Monaco, and Palma de Majorca, Spain as well as Livonia (Pisa), Civitavecchia (Rome), and Naples (Pompeii), Italy, with a start and end in Barcelona.  Just 4 hours on the train from Barcelona brou

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