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As much as I enjoy the trips around France and Spain, the world-class museums, spectacular cathedrals, chateaux, the rich and wonderful foods, the narrow escapes, and the exotic bathroom devices we’ve encountered here, sometimes I just like to consider why Life here is so damned nice.  Today is such a day.

BARCELONA! Green Man/Fashionistas/Mortal Combat





What I love about Barcelona is the broad boulevards, stately architecture, cosmopolitan attitude, and sense of style the city and its denizens emulate.  The Metro system is clean, and efficient.  The food is good, especially the tapas. 

Intrepid Hikers Cheat Death Again


Trail Alet-sur- Bains

Trying to shake ourselves out of post Christmas-lethargy, the combined result of too much rich food, (is there really such a thing?), and too much hibernating indoors, Signe and I went hiking each of the past two days.  The first was a trail on which we got lost  when we first started hiking here.  This time, we managed to lose the trail a

Big-time Faux Pas

Ok, so Signe and I were seeking refuge in a swanky Salon de The in the upscale area of Paris known as St. Germaine de Pres.  Lovely décor, comfortable upholstered chairs and settees, perfect quiet ambiance. 

Culture Shock


OK, There's A Downside, Too...


Dealin' With The Man In Avignon

On a recent visit to this famous walled-city, Signe and I became hopelessly lost in a maze of skinny, winding one-way streets while trying to find our hotel.  Adding to the fun, Tom and Barbara Walls were crammed into the backseat of our Opel Astra straddling suitcases, and travel bags.  Uncomfortable, and making the best of it, they offered suggestions to try to help me.  I was driving.  Signe was blaming herself for the entire mess.  oh yeah, it was pouring rain, and the defroster only worked with a deafening blast of hot air. 

Another Holiday!

More Old Stuff. Not The Same Old Stuff. New Old Stuff!

In the past twenty or so years, I have come to admire old things.  That’s why I find France endlessly amazing.  Our first stop today was a visit to a hilltop chateau in Foix.  It began as an abbey in the 10th century.  The abbey had

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