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I think it's been at least a week since my last entry, so you may join my sister, Jan, in taking me to task for not writing.  Fact of the matter is, we have been in some small towns in France where Wi-FI is either not available or is not working at the time when I can use it.  

There.  Apology concludes?  I will catch up sometime soon.

Fantastique! Mont Ste. Michel is...


Mont Saint Michel

We stayed in Dinan, France, a couple of hours northwest of Paris.  It is a superb Medieval city with intact ramparts surrounding the slate-roofed stone block bulildings connected by narrow, winding cobblestone streets.  After a French breakfast of croissants and coffee, we took off for Mont Ste. Michel.  I had seen photos of it, and expected a typical chateau-type tourist trap, but was totally blown away by the scale, scope, and authenticity of this remarkable French monument.  It is situated on a tidal island near the English Channel.

THree Days in Paris!



Paris, The City of Lights, romance, history, haute couture, Art, cuisine, and my favorite city in the world!  We arrived by train, and made contact with our Air B&B host.  He showed us our apartment, on the ground floor of a nice apartment building in the Trocadero neighborhood.  It was a studio apartment, newly refurbished with an adequate kitchen area, and decent bathroom.  Air B&B is an online organization of private individuals all over the world who have rooms to rent to the less-discerning traveller.

We're Back


Our B&B
41 Quai de Seine
Sainte Mammes

We have returned to France for a three-week tour.  Signe wisely chose for us to fly in to Paris, and depart by train to Moret-sur-Loing. Although our flight was uneventful, we slept very little, so yesterday we were so fatigued, we could barely think.

Letter to Limoux


Denver, CO
United States


Hello fellow English speakers, mes amis, you lucky residents of Limoux and surrounding towns,

I've thought of you and your lovely paradise in France daily since Mac and I returned to the US nearly two weeks ago.  Missing you, and Limoux, yet somehow oddly happy to be home.  It's a strange adjustment.

We returned to find our house and its furnishings in good repair and sparkling clean, and it felt good to open the door and be here upon arrival at 10:30 pm on the 16th (that's 4:30 a.m. on the 17th, Limoux time).

Limoux, je t'aime.

Tomorrow we leave.  I feel a lump rise in my throat and tears in my eyes, just at writing that first sentence. 

Where's Waldo? In Marrakech! Or, Better Late than Never.

As fate would have it, my blog on Marrakech finally organized itself in my head literally just a day or two before the bombing.  So, now what to do?  I’ve decided to go with my original idea and will add the question at the end that will become obvious as you read.

Parting Shots/Departure Minus Two Days.


Here We Go Again!


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