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Signe and Mac: Mac and Signe relaxing at a cafe...Signe and Mac: Mac and Signe relaxing at a cafe...

We are Mac and Signe, two American Baby Boomers who chose to spend our first year of our mutual retirement chasing our longtime dream of living in France for an extended period of time.  Our goal in providing this website is to share what we learned about the culture, language, customs, foods, and people of the region.  Also, we hope you enjoy reading our blogs of travels and travails, adventures, and misadventures, our inevitable bouts of homesickness, astonishing bits of history and lore, and the follow up after our return to the USA. 

You can read our blogs and look at the phota galleries without creating an account.  Just click on "read more." By creating an account, you can leave comments, offer suggestions, disagree, rant, rave, or just say hello.  We welcome all!  Click on "Create new account"  (to the right) if you want to register.  There are now several image galleries that are in slideshow form - we hope you enjoy them, and our blogs.

We hope you enjoy our website!

Pictures of Mara at the stock show are up on Facebook.  Greg


You both look great and not too much different from the last time I saw you.  What an adventure the two of you are taking. Enjoy all the beauty and amazing history you are finding.




How can I show you pictures from Mara's trick or treat? I've put them up on Facebook. If you want to set up an account and 'friend' me, Shane or Jessica you'll be able to see the album titled Halloween 2010.

Hope you're continuing to enjoy yourselves.



Hey you two,


Please do a post about the national strikes in France for the "upping" of the French retirement age and the indignity of giving up the French "social contract".  I'm having a great time reading about it;  hope you can put gas in your car!


Jill l'amie la plus jalouse

Have  you read A View from Limoux?  I discuss the strike from a local perspective.  It's difficult in a case like that for me not to get preachy about how much my beliefs coincide with those of the French.  See Family Values.

By the way, I've discovered lots of readers, (ah our generation of tech-challenged dinosaurs), don't realize the blogs continue only if they click "read more".  Quell surprise!

We love your commentary!



so happy to hear you are enjoying life......seems as if you and mac choose the perfect place to retire.....or learn to create wonderful meals.

thinking of you. 


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